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Our nutritional foods are exclusively organic, blended & designed to meet your bodies nutritional requirements. They are blended by some of South Africa's top natural herbalists & produce the results you need, replenishing your body with optimum nutrients.



Our superior blends of 100% pure organic nutrients help you stay healthier & more energised, boosting your performance, physically & mentally.

How it started 

We're leading the health & wellness revolution with powerful, nutrient dense, organic intelligent nutrition. Blended to meet your nutritional requirements for your body.

SynerChi Organics was born in the Ducasse brothers' kitchen, with super food powders clouding the air. It all started with some experiments & simple questions: 

  • Why does being healthy have to be so complicated?
  • Is there any health brand you can really trust to be reliable, honest & healthy?
  • Is there a fast growing need for education & availability on real nutritious foods?
  • Do we believe the health claims marketed by the big food companies?

In Autumn 2013, the Ducasse brothers took upon themselves a challenge that would make it easy for people to live healthy lifestyle, changing millions of lives on the journey.  They wanted to create a lifestyle so easy for people to be healthy, that it became a second nature to us all. It is tough to get all the right nutrients in, especially being a vegetarian or vegan. That's why the SynerChi Organics team created the most nutrient dense super foods to keep you healthy & well.

They realised your body deserves the best, & that's why they only give you the best & make it easy for you to enrich yourself with only the best - SynerChi Organics

Our vision - Feeding your body the nutrition it deserves!

"Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates 


The Ducasse's created SynerChi Organics to provides us with the greatest tasting proteins & nutritional foods blended with the finest, purest ingredients, packed with love & energy. There are no hidden ingredients, preservatives, additives or GMO's & no inflated claims. They deliver pure nutrition & truthful nutritional support, with love & without the jargon.

Their vision at SynerChi Organics is to encourage generations to make a conscious shift towards a healthier lifestyle, by providing our bodies with an abundance of premium quality, nutrient dense, super food products that replenish our bodies every nutritional needs. They have fabricated the way we should be consuming foods & living a more balanced, healthier lifestyle. Ensuring our bodies are enriched with the purest nutrition using nature’s most potent foods combinations.

Blending premium super food products, some imported & others local, SynerChi Organics have formulated a range of unique, nutrient dense, high protein products combining nature’s purest ingredients, helping you to achieve optimum physical performance & recovery.


Be part of the health revolution & abundantly lead your nutrition, body, mind & spirit into pure wellness & well-being with SynerChi Organics. Come join our energy towards creating health in abundance.


Co-Founders of SynerChi Organics


Our products are natural fat burners that shed fat, increase your metabolism & maintain tight, glowing skin.



Our products are designed to stimulate lean, hard muscle growth naturally, improving circulation of nutrients to all muscles, maximizing protein absorption.

Team SynerChi

Kiara Ducasse

"If you want something badly, nothing can stop you from getting it, but yourself." - Kiara Ducasse

Kiara Ducasse

Ethan Ducasse

"Knowledge will give you power, but character will earn you respect." - Ethan Ducasse

Ethan Ducasse

Zunaid Lundell

“The best thing I ever did for myself was believe in myself” - Zunaid Lundell

Zunaid Lundell