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Purple Sweet Potato Powder

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SynerChi Organics Purple Sweet Potato Powder is a high antioxidant food that is magnetically eye catching with its distinct royal purple colour, naturally sweet flavour and a fluffy consistency that can be used as healthy metabolising carbs for energy before extreme physical exercise. This superior quality set of diverse, potent nutrients and anti-oxidants will assist our bodies in cancer fighting, anti-inflammation, lowering the risk of hormone disease and balancing blood pressure increasing our body’s’ ability to boost immunity and lower inflammation and acidity. 

SynerChi Organics Purple Sweet Potato Powder is nutritious, tastes great & is easy to use. Your core body awaits you with SynerChi Organics Purple Sweet Potato Powder.


Add 1 serving to smoothies, cereals, baked goods. You can also mix into any food for nutritional uptake. 


ü 3 g Super plant protein

ü Rich in antioxidants

ü Helps lower blood pressure

ü Anti-inflammatory properties

ü Boosts immune system



100% Organic Purple Sweet Potato Powder