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Sea Buckthorn Powder

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SynerChi Organics Sea Buckthorn has super fruit filled with raw nutrition and omegas 3, 6, 9 & the rare 7 as well as a host of 60 different antioxidants and 190 different healing nutrients. The powder has a distinct citrus berry flavour. This superior quality set of diverse, potent nutrients, antioxidants, vitamin B12 and vitamin c supports anti-aging and anti-inflammation effects and allows regeneration of healthy cell activity. It also boosts immunity, cleans heavy metal toxins from our blood, benefiting general wellness, assisting to achieve optimal physical & mental performance.

SynerChi Organics Sea Buckthorn has set a new standard in advanced core nutrition with the DNA of nature at its best. Sea Buckthorn is nutritious, tastes great & is easy to use. Your core body awaits you with SynerChi Organics Sea Buckthorn.


Add 1 serving to filtered water, coconut water or any juice or citrus/ green smoothies.


ü 13 g Super plant protein

ü Treats gastrointestinal disorders

ü Eliminates skin rashes

ü Reduces Inflimmation

ü Anti-aging benefits

ü Improves organ health

ü Boosts lymphatic circulation & immunity

ü Neutralizes free radicals



100% Organic Sea Buckthorn Powder